Lenny Says is a weekly storytelling show from the people at Lenny Letter, produced by Neon Hum Media in partnership with Spotify. It’s by womxn/nonbinary folx, for womxn/nonbinary folx. Each week, our stories explore different themes, from guilt and struggles with sex to the mystical and magical.

I co-produced season 2 of this Spotify exclusive podcast. I lead produced episodes 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

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Dr. Christopher Duntsch was a neurosurgeon who claimed he was the best in Dallas. But over two years, Christopher Duntsch performed surgery on 38 patients, injuring 33 and killing 2 of them. And all his patients had to protect them was a system ill equipped to stop the madness. From Wondery, Dr. Death is about a medical system that failed to protect these patients at every possible turn.

I was an associate producer for this 6-part investigative miniseries that garnered over 8 million downloads in one month.

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"Cannibalism has been used for centuries to define the lowest form of humanity, but the story isn't as straightforward as it may seem. Turns out, there may be a logic - or even a love - to eating people. 

Audio: "Consumed" for Ministry of Ideas

Print: "Were Cannibals Really So Bad?" for The Boston Globe

Here are the pieces I created during my semester at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.  In Portland, ME - a city that's over 80% white - I noticed these strong support systems for POCs.  I focused my pieces around these "Helpers of Color." 

Reverend Kenneth Lewis explains how he reads a sermon as a living text. 

Nima Barkad Said was a midwife in Djibouti whose mission was to help expecting mothers, no matter the circumstances. 

Toy Len Goon received global attention after winning the award for American Mother of the Year in 1952. But now, she can't be found in any history textbook.